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A local Initiative for integrated healthcare

  • Brand new, high-efficient office space dedicated solely to healthcare
  • Collaborative culture amongst GPs and specialists
  • Patients will appreciate the convenience of lab, imaging, clinics and testing in one familiar location with free parking
  • Custom designed suites at competitive market rates
  • Office turn-key construction packages offered
  • Ideal office surroundings with shopping amenities and restaurants; adjacent to impressive health facility

For any infomation, please contact
Cynthia Voisin, Project Co-ordinator
E cvoisin@theboardwalkmedical.com

Download April 2015 press release here

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  • Physicians:

  • Avreet Alangh
  • Laura Andersen
  • Douglas Bates
  • Katerina Bauman
  • Kathleen Bedrosian
  • Ruth Bell
  • Corinne Dixon
  • Penny English
  • Rebecca Guzar
  • Ernie Hahn
  • E. Ross Kennel
  • Emil Khalil
  • Asif Khan
  • Patrick Landy
  • Fred Mather
  • Kent McKinnon
  • Lois McLaughlin
  • Melissa Mills
  • Janie Penhearow
  • David Rainham
  • Waseema Rehman
  • Wendy Reimer
  • Peter Rueffer
  • Shireen Saban
  • John J. Sehl
  • Jessica Seibel
  • Douglas Snyder
  • Elionora Sofronova
  • Julia Wilhelm
  • Michael Witmer
  • Chun Ming Yu
  • Specialists:

  • Siva Appavoo, Psychiatrist
  • Yaakov Bentov, Reproductive Endochrinology & Infertility
  • Septimiu Danescu, Internist
  • Cletus Okonkwo, Psychiatrist
  • Nayana Talukdar, Reproductive Endochrinology & Infertility