July 19, 2012: New construction has commenced on the Medical Centre at The Boardwalk

July 19, 2012   

The INCC Corporation is thrilled to announce the next phase of development at The Boardwalk. New construction has commenced on the Medical Centre at The Boardwalk, a four-storey building totaling 80,000 square feet. Designed by A. Baldassarra Architects, it is located at the north end of The Boardwalk’s 90-acre site. The building tender has been awarded to Melloul-Blamey Construction for fall 2013 completion.

Kitchener-Waterloo has been challenged to find primary care physicians for more than 20,000 residents without a family doctor. The business community has identified the doctor shortage as a major concern with the attraction of new employees to the area. Previous efforts to attract physicians have been based on the many benefits of what K-W has to offer. What has been lacking is a facility utilizing an innovative and efficient model of healthcare delivery. Recent discussions indicate that this landmark medical building will attract new physicians to our community.

This Medical Centre will be designed and dedicated to patient healthcare by providing a number of services in one place. Designated uses such as pharmacy, laboratory, and medical imaging on-site will create convenience for the patients. A more efficient healthcare delivery model will include general practitioners, specialists, specialty clinics and related services in individual physician suites, smaller group units and large pods. Integrated technology will minimize wait time for patients and expedite treatment. This is critical to access current medical records, test results and dialogue with other healthcare providers.

The Medical Centre will equally address the concerns expressed by medical professionals: new graduates want the guidance and mentoring of experienced doctors, while seasoned doctors have identified that their patients would benefit from medical collaboration with other physicians and specialists. Any doctor who has worked in the hospital environment recognizes the advantage of the informal hallway consult and the mutual collegial support. Our goal is to promote a culture of medical collaboration amongst professionals working here.

Those visiting the Medical Centre by car will appreciate ample free parking surrounding the building, unlike most medical facilities including hospitals. The parking lots will be in close proximity to the building’s north and south entrances, featuring convenient drop-off zones.

Grand River Transit now provides two bus routes to The Boardwalk and in order to meet increasing need has planned for two more to be added shortly providing more convenience for those who require access other than by car.

For the hundreds of people working in the building, the amenities in the immediate area can be utilized for convenient shopping and entertainment. It is within walking distance to a fitness facility, three banks and in close proximity to fashion, grocery, and retail stores.

The location, design, and functionality of the Medical Centre are unique to Kitchener-Waterloo. Our goal is simply to eliminate doctor shortage by providing a shell for medical services for the residents. Everyone in the region, including those providing and receiving healthcare, can be excited for what will be inside these walls.

Background: Situated on 90 acres, The Boardwalk stretches one kilometre from the north to south end, parallel to Ira Needles Blvd. with the Kitchener-Waterloo city border bisecting the development. Astounding regional growth, coupled with an influx of emerging businesses and growth of tech companies, puts The Boardwalk in an ideal market to flourish. Its prime location on the west side is in close proximity to the city’s higher educational institutions on University Avenue and is easily accessed from Highway 7-8 (The Expressway) at the Trussler Road/Ira Needles Blvd. exit.

For more information, please contact Cynthia Voisin at The Boardwalk, 519.503.0079

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